Television and American Society |

Probably no other medium of communication and entertainment has such a huge impact on the American society as the television. You are not wrong in thinking that television has simply revolutionized the ways of living and thinking in America. The number of viewership of different shows, games etc runs into millions every day.Electronic shops are registering record sales of television and production houses are raking in the moolah and basking in the glory of success and fame. People stay seated on their couch watching the television for hours watching their favorite shows. TV shows like teen dramas have teenagers all over America hooked to the television. Sitcoms make people laugh out loud even when they only thinking about the funny one-liner they heard the night before; thrillers and other shows mesmerize them and leave them hungry for more as they keep speculating what will happen next. The tv shows enjoy huge TRP and the figures keep on increasing given their viewership and worldwide popularity. Companies and brands come forward with lucrative sponsorship deals and the viewers have to bear with the numerous advertisements in between show breaks. But even the most mundane ads cannot deter them and make them leave the couch, turn off the TV or change the channel thereby missing their favorite TV shows. Such is the power of these amazing television shows which enjoy the attention which borders on hero-worshipping from their viewers.The impact of television on American society is far-reaching. On one hand, motivational movies, shows, programs etc inspire people to lead a better life. There are educational shows for preschoolers and students alike. And television helps people unwind too. But on the other hand, you have shows glamorizing the use of drugs, war, violence, depicting sexually explicit contents of the TV shows which have a direct negative impact on people especially children. It has been shown that real-life crimes have a direct correlation with those shown on television. Advertisements promote junk food, cigarettes, alcohol, expensive gadgets, clothes etc and suddenly life seems incomplete without them.The television has become a necessary evil in America. People cannot imagine their lives without the ‘idiot box’ anymore.